Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interventions and such...

Along with some educational book reviews, I may start posting some Intervention Strategies on this blog page.  As an "Intervention Specialist" (more commonly known as a special education teacher), I think I have some valuable things to share.  Keep in mind that the Interventions that I will share are all research based (unless otherwise noted).  I did not create these interventions and I will not take credit for them.  I will however, share them.  :)

My most valuable websites for finding research based interventions are:  While semi-hard to navigate and visually overstimulating, this site has GREAT resources.  They have research based interventions, curriculum based measurements, data collection charts, progress monitoring tools, etc., etc., etc. The Florida Center for Reading Research now has a Search Tool!  This is so exciting!  Search by grade level and/or problem area.  My favorite by far. I live and die by this math program.  I love it.  I should really work for this company.  I cannot stay enough good things about this program.

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