Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Are You "My People?"

I'm frustrated. That's nothing new. I'm typically frustrated when I feel that others are not doing what's right for kids.

And when I hear the following statement, I know that there's people who aren't doing what's right for kids.

I also know that if you say the following, you are not "my people."

The statement is this:

"We are only responsible for providing the Chevy, not the Cadillac."

Regardless of your actual car manufacturer preference, this crap is just NOT RIGHT.

This is NOT what I believe about public schools. This NOT what I know about public schools.

And now I'm angry.

You're telling me that you don't have the time to differentiate because we only need to provide the Chevy. That's not right.

Students with special needs, students who are gifted, And students somewhere in between should be served together in elementary school. The kids are five. Six. Seven. Eight. And nine. If not now, when?

I know how to differentiate for different levels. It takes work. It might even take the Cadillac of your work. It might take more than the Chevy. No, it SHOULD take more than the Chevy (or Ford or VW or Chrysler). 

Because I'm better than average. I am better than the Ford model. I am a Cadillac of a teacher. 

And I believe that public school kids should get the Cadillac. The Ferrari. The Beamer. The Jag.

I'm not the freakin' Chevy. 

And neither are my services.