Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Goals, in Retrospect...

This is the first time I am revisiting these goals and reflecting on them specifically since the school year ended...

So much has happened, and I haven't had much time to think about these specifics.

I never imagined that, at the end of this, my 10th year as a teacher, I would be packing up and shipping out.

After having been in the same building for the last 9 years, I am getting moved over to another elementary school in our district.  It's still bittersweet and I am still trying to reflect on the week I found out, and the events following it.

Instead, I should take some time to reflect on our school year and the learning of my students...

In the 2012-2013 school year, a relatively "easy" school year with only 4 students with moderate to intensive special needs turned into another tough year with 6 students with moderate to intensive special needs.  In November, a new third grader joined us, and in March, a new second grader.

We also added 1.5 additional special ed. aides to make our little family just that much larger- 6 students, 6 special ed. aides, and me. :)

Here were the goals I originally set for myself along with my progress and commentary in red. :)

Goal 1: By the end of the year, first and second graders will have created an e-portfolio in
2 of 3 second graders completed this task and 2 of 2 first graders.  Unfortunately I did not get to this with one third grader and one second grader as they had other needs that took priority.
            A.  Second graders will create e-portfolios in the first week of September. Done.
            B.  First graders will create e-portfolios in the 2-3 week of September. Done.
            C.  Second graders will add to their e-portfolio weekly. We did this, yes.  The weekly entry was a spelling test.  However, more meaningful writing did not take place weekly as I had hoped.  Our writing progress was good, but slower than anticipated this year.
            D.  First graders will add to their e-portfolio every other week. This was tough.  One student added weekly with a spelling test, but the other was more sporadic.  Again, not as much writing progress as I would have liked, slow but steady.

Goal 1: Moderate Success. :)

Goal 2: During the school year, students will use iPads for a creation tasks at least 3 times each.  Yes!  I believe I accomplished this with my students.  One student used I Can Animate to make stop-motion videos with our Legos.  Next, we used the Felt Board app to create characters from the book Freckle Juice by Judy Blume.  Lastly, we worked on using the App Toontastic Jr. Shrek.  This was very cool.
           A. Try out Puppet Pals. We did not try Puppet Pals.
           B.  Try out I Can Animate. Yes!
           C. Find another great App for Creation for my students (Garage Band? Poplet? Type Drawing?
                Toontastic?) Yes!  Toontastic Jr. Shrek and Felt Board.

Goal 2: Success!!

Goal 3: During the school year, participate on school teams, as a valuable team member. Instead of being the leader of many teams, I got back this year to find several of "my committees" had been cut from the committee list anyway.  Somehow, I ended up on the Field Day committee and I surely think this was a success in 2013!  I also worked on the planning team for EdCampCLE 2013 and didn't take over. :)

Goal 3: Success!

Goal 4: Participate in the Global Read Aloud with Charlotte's Web. Yes!  We loved it although we are hoping for a shorter book in Fall of 2013.  There was A LOT of work to do to make additional visual cues for every chapter, every setting, and every character.  We also used the cartoon movie version after every reading each chapter to make sure we understood the plot.
           A. Complete at least 3 Skype or Facetime sessions. Rats!  We Skyped only once this year during the Global Read Aloud, but also Skyped one time during Right to Read Week.
           B. Collaborate in at least 2 other ways with other classes.  Because the book was so long, we struggled to collaborate with other students during this time.  The focus was on OUR comprehension....

Goal 4: Still a success in my book!

Goal 5:  In any one day, leave the building after NO MORE than 10 hours of work.  Success!  in 177ish student school days, I was successful at this in at least 75% of trials. :)  

Wait, does leaving work and going to a 3 hour class on Applied Behavior Analysis once a week count as "leaving?"