Monday, December 6, 2010

Room 5 Meets the iPad

It's hard not to be so overly excited about this that I burst.

I almost feel spoiled rotten over the fact that we have two new iPads in our classroom, and then I remember that I wrote a grant for them, and that the money did not come from the district, but from a very generous organization.

Thank you again, BBH Schools Foundation, for supporting Room 5 at Hilton School.

But it's hard not to feel spoiled, and blessed.

We are truly blessed.

Today, I kept that in mind as I was introducing our two new iPads to the students.

Here are our iPad Rules:
1. Be careful.
2. Be careful.
3. Use hands [not feet, not mouths].
4. Share.
5. Be careful.

And away they went...

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