Friday, March 5, 2010

Technology Inservice Day in the Ville....

Today was Technology Inservice Day and someone decided it only needed to be half day!  Can you believe it?  Regardless, we started the morning with a keynote speaker who is traditionally terrible.  Today, however, was different...

Today our keynote speaker was a guy named Zac Chase.  As far as I know, Zac doesn't have any letters after his name indicating a P.h.D. or an MD or an ABCDE... And yet, he was the most inspiring speaker that Brecksville has brought into our district for as long as I've been a teacher here (which has been 6 years).

From what I understand, Zac was asked to speak at our school because our tech director, John Schinker, spent some time with him in the organization Educators Without Borders, and felt inspired by him.  And, as John introduced him this morning, I couldn't help but think... "This guy is the most well rounded guy I've ever heard of."  And I was a little skeptical.

And then I realized that he was the guy at the door that greeted me AND laughed at the giant coffee that I brought with me.  I liked him already.  Plus he was wearing sneakers with dress clothes AND had his eyebrow pierced.  Even better.  Then my friend Karin leaned over and said "This guy IS you." To which I replied "Yeah, but he is waaaaay more hilarious than me." She agreed.

Zac was able to engage a crowd of Brecksville teachers for an hour.  This, I will tell you, is an amazing feat!  One that I wouldn't want to take on!

Here's Zac's blog so you can be inspired by his adventures, instruction, and ideas too-

I, unfortunately, was one of the break out session presenters that had to follow Zac's great keynote speech.... Here is the link to my other blog page that shares more...  If you scroll down the "Where Can I Find...?" section, you will find March 5th Tech. Inservice Day.  You can click there to access the video I showed ("A Vision of K-12 Students Today") and access all of the links that I shared during my presentation "Shake What the District Gave You."  Note:  This title was supposed to be funny.  I realized later that some people... did... not... get... it. 

To conclude, today (this morning) was a good day. :)

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